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"Ostinato Vol I" by Matt Patella

OK, guys/gals, here's my latest book, which is fun and will also help with your rudiments and your reading.

What is an Ostinato? An Ostinato is a pattern, which repeats itself over and over, not only rhythmically but also sound-wise.

"Rudimental Fun" by Matt Patella

With “Rudimental Fun” Matt Patella not only gives you a fun way to play rudiments, but also helps improve your technique and chart reading skills.

"The Art of Drumming Vol I – Reading Text in 4/4" by Matt Patella

Matt Patella has been teaching people to play for over 50 years. No gimmicks, no “systems”.

"The Art of Drumming Vol II - Reading Text in 6/8" by Matt Patella

Volume II of Matt Patella’s “The Art of Drumming” series takes you further down the road to unlocking the inner natural rhythms at your core. 

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