Daniel Glass

When it comes to teaching drums, Matt Patella is tapped into some real old-school "truths." These are time-honored techniques that have been handed down from the masters - clearly presented with Matt's highly informative, no-nonsense approach. It was an honor to work with him and have the opportunity to present via his live online format. Keep up the good work, brother!

Daniel Glass


Jason Gianni - Performer/Educator

Matt Patella is a staple in the New Jersey and Tri-State area drum community.  From his in-depth experiences, many years ago, with some of the finest drum corps, to his well-rounded and traditionally deep-rooted drum set knowledge, he offers an incredibly wide range of information for any level of drummer. As a colleague of Matt's for many years, I highly recommend investing in his fine teaching program as what he has to offer is priceless.

 - Jason Gianni

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David Stanoch - Author/Educator

I know Matt from his Facebook drumming groups which bring together drummers from all corners of the world and levels of experience. A former student of Joe Morello and fierce proponent of George Lawrence Stone's classic text, "Stick Control", Matt is a teacher with strong convictions dedicated to giving all stick drummers a solid foundation to work with.

 - David Stanoch


Mike Clark - Legend

I first heard Matt Patella on a clip on Facebook.  His hands moved so smoothly and had a way of striking that I hadn't seen before; one of those things that hard to explain but captured my attention right away. He has a sound technique that is solid, intelligent and strong.  I could tell by the way his hands put things together that he knew what he was doing and had thought about it a lot and put the in the work while, at the same time he was natural. Great drummers are like that!

Matt is not only a top-shelf drummer, but also a great teacher who has studied all his like and continues to do so with passion, always improving and passing this along to his students and peers.  He has years of experience playing and honors the oral tradition, the time-honored and most effective way of passing down information to younger and older players alike.

We are lucky to have a guy like Matt in our drumming community who is dedicated to growing as an artist and helping others.

- Mike Clark


Jon Berger - Broadway/Educator

Matt Patella is one of the most dedicated educators I have come across. He is so passionate about the percussive arts. He spends every waking hour practicing, teaching one-on-one lessons, producing instructional videos for the web and writing new books.

He's a disciple of the great Joe Morello and works tirelessly to pass on Joe's techniques and methods to enable drummers of all levels to play their best.

Matt also oversees multiple Facebook "Art of Drumming" group pages; reaching out to drummers, sharing ideas (old and new), collaborating with masters and beginners alike and encouraging hundreds upon thousands of drummers world-wide. 

Jon Berger